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Healthy Cooking Methods


It will make it easier for you to plan what to serve and cook it in a healthy manner. You will enjoy being creative and your family will love you for caring.

  • Cook with as little fats and oil as possible. Use vegetable oil or margarine instead of animal fats.


  • Avoid deep frying. Steam, bake, boil and grill instead of frying. Try oil free methods eg using a non-stick pan or microwave oven.


  • Stewing, boiling or pressure cooking are great for cooking tough meats, poultry, pulses or nuts.


  • Chill soups and stews first so that the fat solidifies. Then remove the fat, reheat and serve.


  • Minimise the use of coconut milk. When possible, use low-fat milk or low-fat yoghurt as substitutes.


  • Reduce fat content in cakes and desserts by using skimmed or low-fat milk.


  • Reduce usage of salt, sugar, artificial preservatives and seasonings. Minimise the usage of salted foods (eg salted vegetables and salted fish). Flavour foods with lemon juice, herbs and spices.


  • Ensure meat and fish are properly cooked to kill germs.


  • Overcooking foods leads to nutrient loss. Use only the minimum amount of water required. Cover pots when cooking to reduce evaporation and avoid overcooking vegetables. Never reheat foods repeatedly.


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