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What we choose to eat, how we eat it and how much of it we eat are personal decisions.


The Woman@Heart Programme is jointly developed by Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development and Reproductive Age Nutrition Nutrition Society of Malaysia.

As a resource of knowledge on women's nutrition, Woman@Heart has developed a manual and leaflet series, as well as organised training seminars for healthcare professionals and road shows, establishing it as the authoritative voice of women?s nutrition among healthcare professionals and women throughout Malaysia.

Fast Foods Under Scrutiny

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Promote fruits and vegetables consumption!

The World Health Organization has highlighted the fact that low fruit and vegetable intake is among the top 10 selected risk factors for global mortality. It pointed out that up to 2.7 million lives could be saved annually with sufficient fruit and vegetable consumption.

Eating and the elderly

I HAVE trouble chewing.? ?Food just doesn?t taste the same anymore.? ?I don?t have a car to go shopping.? ?It?s hard to cook for one person.? ?I?m just not that hungry anymore.?

Susu penting untuk kanak-kanak sedang membesar

Sebagai ibu bapa, kita harus mengetahui khasiat susu untuk kanak-kanak yang sedang membesar. Kanak-kanak memerlukan dua gelas susu sebagai sebahagian daripada diet harian yang sihat. Oleh WINNIE CHEE

Pikat anak suka makan sayur setiap hari

PADA waktu makan malam anak menghabiskan semua makanannya kecuali sayur-sayuran dan ia dibiarkan di tengah pinggan dan membentuk bagaikan sebuah pulau hijau.

Eating in the golden years

No doubt, retirement is a cause for celebration. Finally, you have the time to do the things you?ve always wanted to do. You can treat yourself to a life of comfort with all the resources you?ve saved over the years.

Nutrition for growing up right

Feeding your child may be one of your most important tasks as a parent. By giving him healthy and nutritious food, he will be able to meet the daily nutrient requirements he needs to enhance his growth and development throughout childhood. It will also safeguard his health for life.

A guide to healthy eating

IT IS a common misconception that healthy eating is bland, boring and difficult to practise. Truth is, you don?t have to be qualified in nutrition to make it part of your daily living.

Are You Getting Enough Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)?

Our bodies need two types of essential fatty acids from our diet, linoleic acid- LA (omega-6 FA) and alpha-linolenic acid- ALA (omega-3 FA), and that too in the right proportions. Our bodies cannot produce these polyunsaturated EFA on its own.

Your Healthy Eating Investment

These days everyone is talking about healthy eating. Have you ever wondered what exactly constitutes a healthy diet?

FAT, The Misunderstood Nutrient

"Fat is bad for you", "Zero-fat diet", "Stay away from fat entirely". These are the messages that have been showered upon the public. However, we shouldn?t be afraid of fat. Fat is important in many ways. The key is not to indulge in it but to be sensible.

Family Secrets to Healthy Eating

As a parent or homemaker, there are certain things that you can do to cultivate healthy eating habits.

Food For Enjoyment & Health

Eating is a pleasure. The idea of tucking in to a personal favourite is always exciting. But there is much more to eating than just satisfying your tastebuds and appetites.

Healthy Cooking Methods

It will make it easier for you to plan what to serve and cook it in a healthy manner. You will enjoy being creative and your family will love you for caring.

The Way to Healthy Eating

Put your knowledge into practice. It is the foundation upon which happy, healthy families are built.

House Rules For Healthy Eating

If home is where the heart is, it?s the best place to cultivate the family?s taste for healthy eating.

Out and About: Eating Out

Eating out in Malaysia is a joy. From exotic five-star cuisine to economical roadside fare, we are spoilt for choice.




It is extremely important for your digestion and promotes normal bowel function. Your diet should contain 20-30 grams of dietary fibre each day.


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