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By breast feeding your baby, you would have taken that first vital step to your newborn?s healthy growth and development.

Breastfeeding Made Simple
The Smart Nutrition Advisory Panel of experts has jointly developed this "Breastfeeding Made Simple"guide. As a group of experts in the fields of nutrition, dietetics, paediatrics and lactation, it is our mission to assure you that breastfeeding is easy, natural and adequately nourishes your baby. Every bit of information contained in this guide has been geared towards that purpose and we are confident that they will dispel any concerns you might have.

Giving your best to baby

From the lofty portals of the World Health Organisation to the most remote health centre, you will find doctors, nutritionists and dietitians unanimously agreeing that breast milk and breastfeeding are best for babies.

Myths of Breast Feeding

One of the problems you will have to cope with when you are breast feeding, or planning to, is that many people will give you different, sometimes conflicting advice and information about breast feeding.

Common Problems In Breast Feeding

The first two weeks of breast feeding can be a difficult time especially for a mother having her first baby. Here are a few common problems faced by some mothers...

Breast Feeding For Working Mothers

Breast feed your baby for at least the first 5-6 months of life. Most mothers may have to return to work before this period is reached. So, how do you continue to breast feed your baby?

Breast Feeding and Medications

During the time you are breast feeding, you must continue to be as careful about taking medications as you were during pregnancy. Anything you take will cross into your breast milk.

Your Diet While Breast Feeding

In pregnancy your baby was growing inside you, and you were aware that you needed to eat to help him grow and develop healthily. During breast feeding, your baby is growing fast and depends entirely on the milk you are making.


This calls for your own personal taste since the best techniques for feeding baby are really yours to choose. It doesn?t matter whether you feed baby sitting up, on your side or when lying down.


The production of milk depends on your baby?s needs and demands. However, if you lack confidence in your ability to breast feed or are anxious and suffering from stress, this simple natural process will not work!


You can start feeding your baby as soon as possible after birth or within 1 hour of delivery. This is necessary to get your milk production started. Also, your baby is most alert during this period.

An Introduction to Breast feeding

Welcome your baby to a wonderful, new world! A world where he is special and where he?ll get the best start in life. A beginning that will come exclusively from you.


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