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Resipi Sihat Volume 2

Everyone desires good health. But to achieve good health, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Any nuritionist, dietitian or health professional will tell you that such a lifestyle entails eating healthily, exercising or getting involved in physical activity on a regular basis, and abstaining from bad habits (like smoking and alcohol abuse).  For this reason, the Ministry of Health has strongly supported the publication of Resipi Sihat, Pilihan Bijak, Volume 2. More exciting than before, this volume now features a dazzling collection of 100 delicious, specially-modified recipes to further guide your family's healthy eating. Drawn from the six regions of Malaysia, the recipes represent nothing less than a healthy culinary journey through the diverse specialities that our 13 states offer. Just like in Volume 1, each recipe comes with its own nutritional table. Other value-added features include informative sections on the prevention of diet-related diseases. using herbs and spices, nutrient composition of local foods. and a host of other useful tips.


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