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Variety of resources on Food Law and Regulations as well as other related subjects

Nutrition Labelling Claims Regulations Enforced in Malaysia

A new regulation on nutrition labelling and claims have been enforced in Malaysia since March 2004. A guide book on the interpretation of these regulations is contained in a guide book?published by the Food Quality Control of the Ministry of Health Malaysia.


New sugar content rule soon

KUALA LUMPUR: The Health Ministry will come up with a new regulation on sugar content in food and drinks soon to encourage Malaysians to reduce their sugar intake, said Minister Datuk Chua Jui Meng.


New law on food labels to be enforced in June

KUALA LUMPUR: A new law, to be enforced in June, will require food processing industries to comply with compulsory labelling and nutrition claims for certain types of foods.


Smart shopping with nutrition labels

The next time you go shopping in the supermarket, take a closer look at what you buy. No, not the attractive picture of the food in front. Turn the product around, and read the nutrition information box, says DR TEE E SIONG.


Latest FAO/WHO recommendations for requirments of vitamins and minerals are now available !

The complete report of the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation held in Bangkok, Thailand in 1998 is now out.


Cadangan undang-undang baru mengenai pelabelan dan tuntutan pemakanan: apa yang patut anda ketahui !

Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia telah mencadangkan undang-undang baru untuk mengawal pelabelan pemakanan dan penggunaan tuntutan pemakanan dalam negara ini. Cadangan pindaan undangan-undang tersebut telah diedarkan untuk ulasan umum. Cadangan ini boleh juga didapati dalam laman web Bahagian Kawalan Mutu Makanan, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia ( Bagi membantu industri makanan, pengguna dan badan lain yang berminat untuk memahami dengan lebih jelas cadangan undang-undang baru tersebut, deraf undangan ini telah dibentangkan disini dengan menggunakan ayat dan bahasa penyampaian yang mudah untuk difahami.


Proposed new laws on nutrition labelling and claims: what you should know !

To assist the food industries, consumers and other interested parties better understand the proposed new law, the proposal has been re-phrased and presented in an easily understandle style. All you have to know is in 40+ Q&A.


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