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Asians look thinner but are fatter than Westerners

Asians may look thinner than Westerners but they have more fat in their bodies, health experts told a World Health Organisation (WHO) forum yesterday.

A nation?s woes of fat

July 7: IT is a flab-bergasting fact. One in every five adult Malaysians is either overweight or obese. The sudden spurt in the incidence of obesity may well lend it the infamous distinction as the century''s leading national health problem.

Govt keeping daily tabs on publicity for slimming products

Health Ministry parliament secretary S. Sothinathan said the ministry was monitoring daily the advertisements of slimming products in both the print and electronic media to identify misleading information.

Government bans Bestrim

The Government has banned Bestrim, a slimming product found to contain the harmful substance fenfluramine besides nicotinamide and caffeine, which are disallowed in the preparation of traditional products.

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30 minit untuk kesempurnaan kesihatan

?Senaman yang terkumpul selama 30 minit adalah apa yang anda perlukan untuk kekal sihat dan mengurangkan risiko kesihatan,? kata Dr Steven N Blair.

Fat linked to antioxidant levels

Researchers at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia have found something new for those with weight problems to think about.

American Heart Association Comments On High Protein Diet As A Strategy For Weight Reduction

You may have heard of some groups promoting high protein diet as a "new" strategy for successful weight loss. This article explain it all.


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