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Whole grains are wholesome

Grains are a staple diet in many societies around the world and are in different forms – in pasta, rice, noodles, bread and so on. However, a majority of the population has changed to consuming polished or refined grains rather than wholegrain products, and most people are unaware of the various benefits that whole grains have to offer.


In its natural form, whole grains are more nutritious. It is rich in dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals which offer various health benefits. Wholegrain foods are associated with a lower risk of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers, and also help with bowel health and weight management.

In view of the various benefits of whole grains, many health authorities from different countries, as well as the Malaysian Dietary Guidelines, have highlighted the importance of incorporating more whole grains into our daily diet.

This compact booklet will help you further understand the wonders of whole grains and the many ways to consume more of these wholesome foods in your daily diet.


Download Booklet Here: Wonders of Whole Grain


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