Malaysian Journal of Nutrition
Vol. 19 No. 3, 2013

Table of Content

Comparison of Malnutrition Prevalence Between Haemodialysis and Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis Patients: A Cross-sectional Study
Harvinder GS, Chee WSS, Karupaiah T, Sahathevan S, Chinna K, Ghazali A, Bavanandan S & Goh BL

Prevalence and Associated Risk Factors of Osteoporosis in Post-Menopausal Women in North India
Maninder Kaur

Association Between Anthropometric Status, Dietary Intake and Physical Activity with Bone Health Status among Premenopausal Chinese Women in the Kiang Valley, Malaysia
Yee YSS, Zaitun Y, Chan YM& Norhaizan ME

Reliability and Validity Test of Digital Infant Length Measurement Board with Sonar Sensor Precision
Syafiq A & Fikawati S

Influence of Maternal Characteristics on Exclusive Breasffeeding Practice Among Urban Mothers in Umuahia, Nigeria
LIkegbu PO & Anyika-Elekeh JU

Growth, Cognitive Development and Psychosocial Stimulation of Preschool Children in Poor Farmer and Non-Farmer Households
Khomsan A, Anwar F, Hernawati N, Suhanda NS, Warsito 0 & Herawati T

Multimodal Nutrition Education Intervention: A Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial Study on Weight Gain and Physical Activity Pattern Among University Students in Terengganu, Malaysia
Lua PL, Wan DaliWPE & Shahril MR

Use and Understanding of Nutrition Labeling among Elderly Men and Women in Malaysia
Cheong SM, Jasvindar Kaur, Lim KH, Ho BK & Mohmad S

Food Insecurity Prevalence and its Related Factors in Households in Ahvaz, Iran
Abedi P. Abbaspor Z, Montazeri S, Vakili M & Haghigheizadeh M

Comparative Study of Nutritional Profiles and Phytochemical Components of Raw, Blanched and Fermented Flour from the Leaves of Moringa oleifera lam
Ijarotimi OS, Fagbemi, TN & Osundahunsi OF

Oxidative Stress in Early Life and Later Obesity Development

Loy SL1, Sirajudeen KNS2& Hamid Jan JM 1*

Short Communication
Factors Associated with Breakfast Skipping among School-going Adolescents in Sarawak, Malaysia

Law LS, Mohd Nasir MT & Hazizi AS



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