Mal J Nutr 23(3): 479-484, 2017

Collagen Peptide Supplementation Improves Lean Muscle Mass in Patients with Rectal Adenocarcinoma Postoperatively - A Case Report
Ho CY, Norshariza J & Zuliehaiza K

Dietetics and Food Service Department, National Cancer Institute, Putrajaya, Malaysia


Introduction: Rectal adenocarcinoma patients are advised to increase protein intake especially after surgery for speedy recovery. Concentrated collagen peptides might help to improve compliance of protein prescription and ultimately muscle bulk. Case presentation: A 35-year-old man diagnosed with low rectal adenocarcinoma was discharged and referred to diet clinic for continuous intervention. At the time of attending the diet clinic, patient looked cachectic and lethargic. Patient’s height was 164cm, weight 44kg, BMI 16.4 kg/m2, muscle mass 37.6kg and body fat 9.7%. He had lost 27% of his weight (16kg within 6 months) and had a C for SGA (Score Global Assessment). Estimated intake was 1560kcal/day and 38g/day protein. Patient reached satiety early and did not comply with oral nutritional supplement (ONS) due to distaste and concern for his high stoma output. The nutritional diagnosis was inadequate protein intake related to decreased ability to consume sufficient protein as evidence by diet history. High protein high calorie diet (HPHC) and collagen peptides supplement daily were prescribed. Patient was requested to recall diet and to drink a bottle of collagen peptides in the diet clinic daily for a week to ensure compliance to diet prescription. After a week, his anthropometry improved: weight reached 46.2kg, muscle mass 38.6kg and body fat 12.7%. Patient was able to walk and to start working the following week. Total energy intake was 1690kcal/day with 56g/day protein. As patient was able to achieve protein requirement via food, collagen peptide was withheld. After a month, anthropometry improved and complied to HPHC as well as ONS. Concentrated collagen peptides were found to help the malnourished patient to achieve protein requirement in small volumes. Conclusion: Concentrated collagen peptides improve lean muscle mass in patients with rectal adenocarcinoma postoperatively. It is recommended that further investigations be conducted to provide concrete evidence on the role of collagen peptides.

Keywords: Collagen peptides, rectal adenocarcinoma, postoperation

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