Mission Of NutriWeb

The mission of NutriWeb Malaysia is to promote authoritative nutrition knowledge and advance nutrition science, in a cost-effective manner, by establishing an effective network comprising :

  • The general public
  • All sectors of the food manufacturing, catering & restaurant industry
  • The mass media
  • Nutrition and other health professionals
  • Academicians, researchers and students


Rationale of Project

The Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM) seeks to fulfill two main objectives :

  • Promote healthy nutrition in the community, in support of the Government efforts to combat the increase in diet-related chronic diseases in the country (eg obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension and certain cancers).
  • Advance nutrition science among the Society's members.

However, NSM's efforts have been somewhat limited to traditional activities (eg occasional community services, occasional promotional activities and ad hoc educational projects in the mass media). Constraining factors mainly included :

  • A shortage of human resources, particularly qualified local nutritionists and dietitians
  • Lack of funds to conduct continuous activities capable of reaching out to larger audiences

With its speed, flexibility and easy accessibility, the Internet clearly presents a viable tool enabling NSM to more effectively meet its objectives for the nation.

There is presently no website providing local nutrition information appropriate for Malaysians. Thus NSM is in the best position to fill the void by hosting such an electronic platform. The Society has access to the required expertise and information. Furthermore, it is a neutral body with no vested interest.

As content provider and owner of the website, NSM will bear the responsibility of ensuring the accuracy and quality of information presented. This is a particularly important role, given the fact that many independent sites on the internet are notorious for providing inaccurate and poor quality information.


Project Objectives for NutriWeb

Empower the public to make wiser choices in the selection and preparation of foods for themselves and their families by providing :

  • Easy access to authoritative nutrition information
  • An avenue to interact with selected nutritionists at anytime and any place, as long as they have an internet account.
  • Facilitate more effective communication among nutritionists and related health professionals as well as the academic and research community by providing :
    • An avenue to exchange views
    • Content advocating the profession
    • Information on advances in nutrition science within the country and globally
    • Highlight career enhancement programmes and benefits
    • Electronic access to publications
    • Faster access to information on scientific events within and outside the country
  • Promote greater awareness of trends in healthy food processing and to improve food handling/hygiene among food producers and operators.
  • Provide the media with access to the right information for dissemination to the public, thereby contributing to the promotion of healthy eating in a responsible manner.