Rules Of Nutrition Society of Malaysia


The Society shall be called Persatuan Pemakanan Malaysia (Nutrition Society of Malaysia), hereafter referred to as the Society.



The registered office of the Society shall be :

c/o Division of Human Nutrition
Institute for Medical Research
Jalan Pahang
50588 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The registered office of the Society may be changed by the Council, with the prior approval of the Registrar of Societies.



The Objects of the society are :

  1. To promote, advance and disseminate the scientific knowledge of food and nutrition;
  2. To protect and promote the interest of nutrition scientists in the country;
  3. To inform and acquaint the public and the Government with matters related to food and nutrition;
  4. To facilitate communication and foster friendship between nutrition scientists; and
  5. To undertake activities and functions in line with clauses 3(a) - (d) for the absolute and strict benefit of duly registered members of the Society.



The Society shall consist of the following even categories of membership: Ordinary, Life, Associate, Student, Honorary, Corporate, and Fellow members.

  1. Ordinary membership shall be open to all persons of at least 18 years of age, residing in Malaysia, and possess a professional qualification in nutrition. Membership is also open to persons trained in dietetics, medicine, food science, biochemistry, agriculture and related Sciences who are actively involved in nutrition.
  2. Life membership shall he open to any Ordinary member who has been on the Society''s register for at least a calendar year.
  3. Associate membership shall be open to persons trained other disciplines and interested in the objects and goals of the Society.
  4. Student membership shall be open to any person who at the time of application, is a registered student pursuing a degree as provided for under clause 4(a). No university or university college student shall be admitted as a member of the Society without prior written approval of the Vice-Chancellor of the university or university college concerned. He shall cease to become a Student member on completion or termination of his Studies.
  5. Honorary members shall be elected at a General Meeting on the recommendation of the Council, for distinguished public service, or for meritorious contributions to the field of nutrition, allied professions, or to the Society.
  6. Corporate membership shall be open to any locally incorporated organization involved in food and nutrition and interested in the objects and goals of the Society. Corporate members are entitled to nominate two representatives to the Society.
  7. Fellow members shall be elected at a General Meeting, on the recommendation of the Council for outstanding professional and meritorious contributions to the field of nutritional sciences. Fellows of the Society will be entitled to use the abbreviation, FNSM, after their names.
  8. Honorary, Associate, Student and Corporate members of the Society shall be eligible to participate in the activities, functions and meetings, except to vote at General Meeting and to hold office in the Council.



  1. Any member acting contrary to the good name and dignity of the Society or inconsistent with its objectives may expelled by a two-thirds majority vote of the Council. The member concerned shall however first be given an opportunity to explain his conduct and show cause why his membership should not be terminated, either in person in a Council meeting or in writing to the Council.
  2. Any member whose subscription is in arrears for two years and who has been duly notified of the fact shall, if the Council sees fit, be removed from membership of the Society.



  1. The annual subscription for Ordinary members shall be RM50.00 (ringgit fifty only).
  2. The subscription for Life members shall be RM500.00 (ringgit five hundred only), payable at the time of his/her election as Life member.
  3. Honorary and Fellow members shall be exempted from payment of membership fees.
  4. The annual subscription for Associate members shall be RM30.00 (ringgit thirty only).
  5. The annual subscription for Student RM20.00 (ringgit twenty only).
  6. The annual subscription for Corporate members shall RM500.00 (ringgit five hundred only).
  7. All subscriptions are due on 1st January of each year and payable within one month of this date, or in the case of a new member, within one month after notification of membership.


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